CryptoFlux is an innovative way of investing in Blockchain-technology. We have created a unique algorithm for the formation of investment proposals, which allows you to invest in the most promising world projects in a timely manner.

By means of the expert, analytical and operational centers of the Fund, CryptoFlux offers Clients:

- investing in breakthrough technologies at a very early stage;
- analysis of the market of crypto-currencies, formation of the most profitable investment strategies, project forecasting, development of investment portfolios, personally for each Client;
- analysis of the behavior of project communities, forecasting the movement of markets using artificial intelligence technologies, technological audit of the code of the project.

CryptoFlux operates on the principle of a new economy with fully transparent management, and also provides customers with the necessary expertise and understanding of the market.

CryptoFlux identifies the most innovative projects and companies on the one hand and attractive from the point of view of the marketing potential of the product on the other hand. When choosing projects for investment, we certainly take into account the viability of projects and the needs of the market:

- what further development of the product;
- Creation of services on the platform of the selected project;
- in which areas is applicable;
- how profitable is investing in this particular product.

Our investment strategy is aimed at finding the right ratio of profit / risk to the growth of the whole chain of the economy, rather than individual assets. Defining the most promising sectors for investment, the analytical, operational and expert centers of the Foundation select projects according to the principles:

- innovativeness of development;
- practicality of its application;
- market feasibility in its investment.

CryptoFlux is an innovative crypto-currency fund that creates conditions for the development of future technologies.